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New Etchings!
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Here are some of my new painting done in 2012

European Beach Tree

European Beach Trees at Grey Towers 12" X 16" oil painting on canvas

Grey Towers Vessel

Grey Towers Vessel 12" X 16" oil painting on board

Zane Gray Museum
Autumn Tress at Zane Gray Museum in Lackawaxen, PA


Autumn Trees
"Autumn Trees in Promised Land State Park" 12"X 12"


Promised Land Bridge
Foot Bridge to Conservation Island in Autumn 8" X 10"


Shadows and Light
Sun and Shadows, 16" X 20" oil painting on canvas

Patty's Place
Patty's Place, 16" X 20" oil painting on canvas

Promise Land State Park in Winter

Promised Land in Winter, 16" X 20" oil painting on Canvas

Peter's Valley
Peter's Valley 11" X 14" oil painting on Canvas

Nature Trail
Nature Trail on Lake Wallenpaupack, 11" X 14" oil on board

Promised Land Swamp
Promised Land Swamp, 16" X 20" oil painting on canvas


Winter trees painting at Peter Fiore Workshop, August, 2011

Winter Trees

Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA August 5, 2010

Settlers Inn

Oil painting painted "en plein air" at Skytop June 30, 2010

Sky Top

Oil painting painted at Gray Towers, Milford, PA May 2010

Gray Towers Vista

A watercolor of an arrangement of gladiolas in an antique vase.


Loon Lake, Rangeley Maine

Loon Lake

Fair Acres Farm, Sussex, NJ

Fair Acres Farm

Old Orchard at Grey Towers, Milford, PA

Trees at Grey Towers

Peck's Pond, Porter, PA

Peck's Pond

Resica Falls, Dingman, PA

Resica Falls

Stone Well House, Hemlock Farms, PA

Stone Well House

Road leading into Grey Towers

Road to Grey Towers

Watercolor done at Lacawac Sanctuary August 2008

Lacawac Lake

Watercolor of road leading into Grey Towers, Milford, PA August 2008

Watercolor of road to Grey Towers


Lacawac Sanctuary in Autumn.

Gray Towers, home of Gifford Pinchot who started the forestry service under Teddy Roosevelt.

Grey Towers
Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park


Ainsley and Dolly's House, Porter Maine

Ainsley and Dolly's House



Laura and Roger's Dog "Brooke"